Making a material difference

At Swisspac, we use globally recognised certifications and meaningful data to create materials that can make a difference for various products and packaging needs. Our materials innovation business has a wide selection of materials to choose from.

For Food Packaging

Swissloop™ laminates are carefully selected to ensure they can be easily recycled, keeping them out of landfills and reducing the need for virgin materials. The packaging is designed to be durable and holds up well in different conditions, making it a great choice for packaging and shipping.


Sustainability Properties

For Non-Food Packaging

Wastemade™ laminates are made out of post-consumer recycled materials, making it a highly sustainable and responsible choice for non-food packaging and storage. Using post-consumer recycled materials also promotes a circular economy.


Sustainability Properties

Plant Based Plastic

Plantmade™ plastic is a sustainable packaging option made from materials derived from plant-based products. It is a versatile alternative to traditional plastic packaging, that reduces waste and environmental impact.


Sustainability Properties


100% Plastic Free

BagsAndPouch’s Papermade™ is made entirely from 100% paper material, providing an eco-friendly and biodegradable option for packaging and storage. These pouches don’t come with a resealable zippers.


Sustainability Properties

Printing Services

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About US

Bags and pouches Is a Leading Producer and Innovator of High-Quality Flexible Packaging with Our Own Manufacturing Facility in India as well as Other Marketing Offices around the Globe. We Offer A Full Range Of Packaging Solutions For Almost All Types Of Industries, our bags are made from high-quality packaging materials that are fully recyclable made from eco-friendly materials.

Free Samples

We are providing free samples of different sizes & colours maximum of up to 5 so, you will get to know more about replica rolex our print finishing of packaging.

Sustainable packaging

To create a world without waste, we’re dedicated to delivering more eco-friendly packaging, custom printing is also available in any pouch size, colour & shape within 100% recyclable pouch material.

Premium packaging

We make our packaging pouches from high-quality grade materials that require fewer chemicals & that make the product toxins free so the shelf life of the product will be increased.

Fastest delivery

Choose a shipping service that suits your needs, same-day shipping is also Available in-stock products.

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Yes, We are able to produce custom printed pouches & rolls to suit your exact requirements. We can print up to 9 colors using the latest rotogravure and digital technique. The minimum quantity for our custom printed pouches and rolls starts from 1000 -15000 pieces. These pouches and rolls can be available in different material combinations. You can feel free to contact Bags and Pouches for more questions.

Like any business, in order to meet your requirements of pouches or rolls, we like to receive as much notice as possible, however we realize that this isn’t always possible. Because we are based in Singapore, for custom orders it normally takes between 3-5 weeks from time of order and for stock orders we ship your packaging next business day.

Definitely, please click here to order samples with us today.

In our pouches we have recyclable, oxodegradable and compostable solutions available. Contact us and enquire about our eco friendly products.

Absolutely. Our Stand Up pouches are perfect for both dry and liquid food. We have all required certificates as per Singapore standard. You can customize them to include resealable zippers and easy-tear laser scoring for consumer convenience.